German Court Orders Microsoft To Stop Selling Xbox 360s

Illustration for article titled German Court Orders Microsoft To Stop Selling Xbox 360s

Achtung! A Mannheim court ruled today that Microsoft can no longer sell its Xbox 360 and Windows 7 operating systems in Germany. According to the German judge, this is because Microsoft infringed upon a Motorola patent while using certain video compression software.

But! A U.S. court has granted Microsoft a preliminary injunction while it appeals this decision, so Motorola can't enforce the German court order just yet. Xbox 360s will still be sold in Germany. For now. Let the Patent Wars begin.

German court rules against Microsoft in Motorola patent fight [Reuters]

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I'm having difficulty understanding how a U.S. court can tell Microsuck it can sell something in Germany AFTER a GERMAN court said it couldnt...

We do not own Germany. It is not a state of ours in our union (using that term loosely here) nor a territory of ours....

What is this I dont even....