Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel Tied To Video Game Movie No One Cares About

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Dear Hollywood, no one wants to see a Kane & Lynch movie anymore — I'm not sure anyone ever did. Not then with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, and not now with Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel.

Just let it die, already. At one point we had movie posters and an appearance at Cannes. That was back in 2011, a year after the Eidos (now Square Enix) franchise was relevant. It's been three years since Kane & Lynch were a thing, and now we've got a new director in F. Gary Grey (well, semi-new, he's been attached to the project before) and rugged leading man Gerard Butler signed up to play Kane, the more stable of aging criminal duo that rampaged through two video games.


This is all according to The Hollywood Reporter, which also reports that an offer has been extended to Vin "The Iron Giant" Diesel to play Lynch, the crazy-go-nuts member of this buddy-crime-caper.

We've been following this nonsense forever. We've seen the script. We've seen directors come and go (and then come again). The only reason I'd like to see it made at this point is so we can all move on.

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I'll watch it.

Gerard Butler is a charismatic-as-hell dude.

Vin Diesel is a hypnotizingly charming bloke.

The Kane & Lynch games had some nice chemistry between the characters and can set up for a decent crime film. I especially liked Kane & Lynch 2 and how insanely gritty and ugly it dared to be. Not shitting you - I appreciated that game for the guts it had!

Just think of it as a crime thriller with 2 genuinely decent actors.