Geralt Is Coming To Soulcalibur VI

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After plenty of speculation and guessing, a new trailer shows The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia will be in Soulcalibur VI after all.


Last week, CD Projekt Red’s community manager teased on Twitter that for the first time ever, Geralt might appear somewhere else besides a Witcher game. Soul Calibur VI seemed like the likeliest choice given the series’s penchant for pulling in odd characters ranging from The Legend of Zelda’s Link to Yoda, and even Spawn. Bandai Namco’s latest trailer for the game confirms the cameo, and shows the witcher doing battle with Mitsurugi and others.

Doug Cockle returns to voice the white wolf and the fighter also appears to have access to his usual arsenal of signs, including the fire spell Igni and the knock back spell Aard. He’ll also have his own stage, the training grounds at Kaer Morhen, where the violins will playing around the clock.

Sure, the most diehard Wticher fans among us would love to see Geralt return for a new game in his own series, but given CD Projekt Red has its head down in the card game spin-off Gwent and Cyberpunk 2077 I’m happy to take a fighting game appearance over none at all.

Soulcalibur VI is due out sometime later this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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That was an excellent use of the original music.