Genius Turns Job Application Into Lucasarts Adventure Game

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German Marius Fietzek wants a job at Tim Schafer’s Double Fine, who are getting to work on a brand new graphic adventure game. To apply, he didn’t just send in a letter. He made a video game.


Fietzek’s effort, done almost perfectly in the style of an old Lucasarts adventure game (ie where Schafer and co-worker Ron Gilbert got famous), will hopefully go down a treat with his prospective employers.

You’d think it would with Schafer, who did almost exactly the same thing when applying for a job in 1989 with what was then Lucasfilm.

You can play Marius’ game below.

The Applicant [Marius, thanks Vitas!]

UPDATE - It worked! Kind of. Marius ended up with an internship at Double-Fine.


Didn't Tim Schafer himself apply to lucasarts in a somewhat similar way? Except that he wrote a script of a hypothetical humorous adventure game and handed that in or something. Was pretty awesome.

I'd be surprised if Double Fine doesn't take him in.