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GeForce Now Video Game Streaming Service Doubles In Price

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Nvidia is raising the price of its GeForce Now game streaming service from $5 a month to $10, the company announced in a blog post this morning.

GeForce Now has two tiers. A free version lets users stream games they own in sessions of up to one hour, while a premium tier lets them stream games for much longer (up to six hours at a time) and turn on ray-tracing. Previously, the premium subscription was called the Founders tier and priced at $5 a month or $25 for half a year. Today Nvidia got rid of that tier and replaced it with a “Priority” membership priced at $10 a month, or $100 for the entire year. Those already subscribed to the Founders tier, however, will be able to continue subscribing at the lower price. The new price puts the service in line with the monthly cost of Stadia Pro, although that membership also comes with free games.


First launched back in 2015, GeForce Now finally left beta early last year. Unlike a lot of other video game streaming services, like Google’s Stadia or Amazon’s Luna, users pay Nvidia to stream the games they already own to whatever PC, tablet, or phone they happen to have handy. The service doesn’t actually give you access to any new games, just the ability to stream what’s already in your Epic Games Store or Steam library, and only if the publishers of those games have agreed to allow it.


This caused a big issue last year when publishers and indie developers were caught unaware by GeForce’s official launch and began to pull their games from supporting the service. Nvidia has been trying to build back up the subscription’s catalog ever since. “In 2020, we onboarded and released an average of 10 games a week,” the company writes in today’s post. “With a new express onboarding pipeline, our goal is to increase that by about half by year-end.”

This week the service added support for another seven games including System Shock: Enhanced Edition and the excellent Loop Hero, though seemingly only if you purchased it from the Epic Games Store.