Geez, There's MORE Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming

If there's one thing you can't say about BioWare this week, it's that they've been slack on downloadable content for Mass Effect 2. Over a year after the game's release, and more is still to come.

A screenshot was released today for some DLC that's expected to be called "Arrival", the latest and surely last piece before Mass Effect 3 is released later this year. While no information accompanied the release, there was Cerberus Network data last month — and this little apparent leak — related to the DLC that spoke about the age of the game's Mass Relays and how some may have been built by a race older than the Protheans, the oldest race in the game's universe.


Of course, "Arrival" could also mean the DLC ties into the arrival of a certain group of guys seen in the closing minutes of Mass Effect 2. You know. Those guys.

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