Geez, There's MORE Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming

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If there's one thing you can't say about BioWare this week, it's that they've been slack on downloadable content for Mass Effect 2. Over a year after the game's release, and more is still to come.


A screenshot was released today for some DLC that's expected to be called "Arrival", the latest and surely last piece before Mass Effect 3 is released later this year. While no information accompanied the release, there was Cerberus Network data last month — and this little apparent leak — related to the DLC that spoke about the age of the game's Mass Relays and how some may have been built by a race older than the Protheans, the oldest race in the game's universe.

Of course, "Arrival" could also mean the DLC ties into the arrival of a certain group of guys seen in the closing minutes of Mass Effect 2. You know. Those guys.



Oh good, more quickly and blindly created content for a mediocre cashco-I mean- game. I don't know how they did it, but they found a way to go from a respectable studio with roots in classic RPG games to a mainstream studio focusing on exaggerated action and violence with little in the way or rhyme or reason. And they did it all with ONE game, and it's this game. And they're making tons of money from stealing the souls of mindless gamers who feel that DLC is truly the way to go.

Hey, BioWare, why not give us complete games? That extends the life of your games just as well as releasing DLC does, and you'll probably recover some revenue you've lost from your old fans who have lost hope. That should maybe make up for the tiny bit of money you'll lose from shitty DLC revenue. But it shouldn't even be about the money. You have a strong financial backing already. Make what you can get from a full game, don't nickel and dime everyone forever to keep adding content to a game people already paid full price for. That hardly seems fair.

Oh, and I really don't want to hear it if you think Mass Effect 2 is a good game. I'm not interested in your naivety. Just realize that you're getting bent over and screwed every time you buy this shit.