Geez, Mom Just Wants To Play World of Warcraft, Why Is Nobody Listening?

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Getting my family to sit down and have a meal? Hah, forget it. Too many conflicting schedules. Trying to have a conversation when we could actually sit down? Also impossible, and this is that Twitter didn't even exist when I was a teenager.


I can't imagine having an entire family sit down and actually converse over dinner becoming any easier over the years, either.

Gamer Mom is a short adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a mother just trying to have a conversation with her family. That alone is unusual—it's not a typical role to put a player in, after all. What is also curious about the game is that the mom is trying to rope either her husband or her daughter into playing World of Warcraft with her, of all things. Or, at least listen to her talk about it.

While the visuals may look rushed at first glance, they manage to capture the feel of the situation really well. The dialogue is also noteworthy, as its a poignant reminder of the difficulty in communication we sometimes have—even with those closest to us. What the game captures above all is nuance in conversations, particularly with creating a sense of futility in this case.

Try it out here—can you get your family to head into Azeroth with you?


to hell with azeroth. my mom TAUGHT me how to play Wolfenstein 3d.