Geek And Gamer Girls Will Likely Be Irritated By This Video gathers Katee Sackhoff, Stan Lee, a rapping Seth Green, and several scantily clad models for this parody of Katy Perry's "California Girls," "Geek and Gamer Girls," which are apparently attractive women who love posing naked with toys.

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The video scores points for namedropping the likes of Final Fantasy and Doctor Who, but in terms of advancing the cause of gamer girls it fails miserably. I'm no expert, but I suspect that girls who enjoy geeky things like playing video games would just rather be considered gamers or geeks than having the word girl thrown in front of everything they do as a qualifier.


I on the other hand love rolling around naked with toys flying in the air, covering up my naughty bits. Look for that video to appear on Kotaku sometime after hell freezes over.


Sunshine Hydra

A few thoughts:

-There are plenty of girls that DO want to be qualified as "female" this or female that. All the girls I know play it as their strength.

-There's nothing wrong with that. Gender equality and equal rights should not discourage championing our differences. Women should be proud to be women. Men and women are different. Get over it.

-I understand that maybe gamer girls don't want to be misrepresented by naked chicks playing with toys, but since when did being portrayed as attractive become a bad thing?

-Also, why do gamer girls and geek girls care so much about being misrepresented? Everyone's culture, religion and race is mocked and misrepresented. The only difference is, in many cases in history it actually mattered a lot more. Gamer girls not being treated equal is not exactly the kind of oppression that brings to mind, say, the Jews in Nazi Germany.

-It certainly never bothers me that I, as a gamer, am constantly misrepresented by popular culture, because I just don't fucking give a shit. I'm nothing like the personification. I lift weights, have a hot girlfriends, have a huge tattoo, have friends, and drink beer, but I can also log 100 hours into my favorite RPG.

-I know the argument goes deeper than this, but since when did identifying with being white, black, Japenese, German, male, female, gay or transgendered ever become a bad thing?

-I totally think Fahey should follow through on his proposal. What better way to get visitor hits?

-Finally, watch The Guild's "Game On" for an awesome video gaming video, instead of this crappy song.