Gears of War Weapons, Ranked

As a series, Gears of War likely has the best weapons in any shooter, period. Many of these weapons are surprisingly creative—a chainsaw on an assault rifle?!—and nearly all of them feel great to use.

What I’m saying is: ranking the Gears of War arsenal is tough. In any other game, many of these weapons could have been number one. All the same, we are here to rank things, and rank we shall.


15) Mortar

14) Boltok

13) Cleaver

12) One Shot

11) Tripwire Crossbow

10) Breechshot

9) Hamer of Dawn

8) Frag grenades (Gears 3, specifically)

7) Retro lancer

6) Boomshot

5) Silverback

4) Lancer

3) Gnasher

2) Torque Bow

1) Digger

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