Ripten got a little bored and decided to cast a Gears of War movie and I can't leave it alone. Doing the Law & Order walkdown here is Lester Speight, aka Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (as Cole Train); Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock (Dominic); wrestler Dave Batista, aka "The Rock with not as much acting chops," (Fenix) and Val Kilmer, aka the George Lazenby of non-nipple Batmans. (Damon Baird). This is, in the immortal words of MAD magazine, an acting combination that is like multiplying zeroes. Then again, if I were going to see a Gears movie, it wouldn't be for the character development and emotional intrigue. Bigger size on the jump, full size at the link if you want to desktop it.

Ripten Gears of War Movie Poster Art [Ripten]