Gears of War Movie Will Be Like Lord Of The Rings But "Harder Edged"

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Live Free Or Die Hard director Len Wiseman is helming the Gears movie and co-writing it with Fast & Furious scribe Chris Morgan. And yes, Wiseman is not a gamer, but a grabber.


Admitting that he "sucks" at video games, Wiseman (pictured, with friend) happened on Gears when he was asked to select a video game to appear the background of a scene while making Live Free or Die Hard. "I said 'this one looks really, really cool whatever it is,' and it was Gears Of War," explains Wiseman. "I just really connected with it; the design of it the world, the whole thing. So I actually brought an Xbox 360 to start researching what it was."

Wiseman says he's more of a sci-fi fan and less of a horror one and will focus more on the science fiction element. That being said, he added he hopes to make Gears of War like The Lord of the Rings fantasy films.


"The hope is that were wanting to do a three movies and really cover the bases on everything," says Wiseman. "Basically a harder edged Lord Of The Rings."

A trilogy? More sci-fi? "Harder edged Lord of the Rings?! Well, it damn well better have a Hobbit train character and Hobbit giving each other high-fives. In space.

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Man Ashcraft, do some research, that's his wife he's grabbing, the yummy that is Kate Beckinsale. :P

I actually enjoyed his movies quite a bit thus far, nothing on the epic scale though, but they were good enough. Die Hard 4 certainly was the highest point thus far, solid movie!