Gears Of War Movie "More Like District 9"

Third-person shooter Gears of War looked set to get the Hollywood treatment until the movie's director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) decided to focus his attention on another motion picture.

Wiseman's take on Gears of War was budgeted in the US$100 million neighborhood. As website Cinema Blend points out, the movie's R-rating and lack of a love story made it a hard sell.


At this year's Comic Con, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski said the goal is to make the Gears movie "more like District 9". That doesn't mean Bleszinski wants Gears of District 9, but rather, he most likely is referring to a smaller budgeted, effect-heavy film. According to Bleszinski, the script that Wiseman was working from was more akin to the big budget disaster film 2012.

Lots of money doesn't make a good movie. A good script, good actors and a good director do. District 9 proved that. Maybe the Gears of War movie can, too.

Comic Con: Gears Of War Movie Stalled And They're Starting Over [Cinema Blend via MTV Multiplayer] [Pic]

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