Gears of War Maker Calls iPhone, iPad & Android 'The Consoles of the Future'

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Epic Games, the people who make Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, could eventually bring Gears of War to your iPhone or Android, the future destination of big budget, "AAA" games.


So says futurist and Epic Games VP Mark Rein, who is a big proponent of iPhone and iPad gaming. Epic's Unreal Engine is already running on versions of the device in prototype form, so to hear Rein say that Gears of War could eventually go mobile is not much of a surprise. Epic's interest in iAds and the possibility of the bombastic shooter going "download-only" might, however, be less expected of the company.

Rein also said that Epic is "definitely going to experiment with micro-transactions and lower-price games" at the GameHorizon Conference 2010, according to a report from

It certainly doesn't sound like the developer is moving away from consoles and powerful PCs, just expanding its reach to those other multi-million selling platforms.

Having played with the Unreal Engine prototype on an iPhone myself, it's not that unreasonable to consider playing a good-looking shooter on the device, even a whittled down Unreal Tournament. But a fully-fledged game a la Gears of War or Bulletstorm? We'll see about that, Mark!

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These platforms are not the future for GAMERS... not yet. We are still too excited by big-screen PS3/Xbox games and the massive selection on portable platforms like the PSP and Nintendo DS. We are collectors. We like to own discs and buy & sell them used.

However, these platforms are the future for investors and companies looking to turn massive profits. That's the proper context of this provocative headline. Think cloud. Think casual. Think streaming. The technology hasn't caught up to the dream, not even with impressive services like OnLive, but it will eventually, whether you like it or not.