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Gears Of War 2: The Ultimate Glitch Collection

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Gears of War 2 attended Glitch Fest 2000. We know that. But just how glitchy? Here's a video that shows off just about all of them. There's 16 total with some honorable mentions.


Not only does the video do a great job of highlighting said glitches, but it also takes shots at Epic Games and its developers.

I typed the list out for ya'll below.

1. Boom Shield Glitch - Use any weapon with the Boom Shield

2. Weapon Slide Glitch - Avoid getting shot while picking up a weapon

3. Fake Walls Glitch - Melee and tag people through walls

4. Crab Walk Glitch - Move at roadie run speed while shooting

5. Kung Fu Flip Glitch - Jump out of any map

6. ?

7. Infinite Ammo

8. Chainsaw With Any Weapon

9. Runaway Chainsaw - Break out the chainsaw animation early

10. Slow Ass Match Making - Here is a 20 minute wait sped up to 20 seconds

11. Security Laser Glitch - Fall through the lasers without dying

12. Dummy Glitch - Become Speedy Gonzalez

13. Invisible Glitch - Become the Invisible Man

14. The Shotgun - The weapon has a mind of its own

15. Lag

16. Shotgun and Boomshot Blind Fire Only Work If You're On Host Team