Gears Of War 2 On PC? Try Bears Of War

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Rumors are circulating regarding a possible December release for a PC version of Gears of War 2, but the site the rumors reference might have its compass pointed in the wrong direction.


IGN points to a site called Beantown Games, explaining that "there were plenty of details that appeared to be pulled from an upcoming press release", along with a box shot and details on a limited edition of the game, complete with gold lancer. There are indeed plenty of details, but taking any block of text from said details and putting them into Google search reveals that they are the exact same details from the Xbox 360 press release, word for word, except for a few spots where they replaced "Xbox Live" with "Games for Windows Live". Whoever changed the text even missed some, as shown in the line "Taking full advantage of the Xbox LIVE service, which boasts 10 million gamers".

And then there's the fact that the retail codes are all for The Golden Compass.

Yes, the UPC code, MPN number, and ASIN identifier all point to Sega's PC version of The Golden Compass, based on the theatrical version of the book, which did indeed feature a war, but instead of gears, we have bears. Bears of war.

Finally, the box art itself is the exact same artwork released early on for the Xbox 360 version, complete with "ARTWORK NOT FINAL" on the bottom. The image doesn't jive with the standard dimensions for PC box art either, leading me to believe that it is a Photoshop job.

We've contacted Microsoft, Epic, and Beantown Games for comment on the listing, but have yet to hear back from any of the three. Microsoft has already commented to IGN that there are still no plans to bring the game to the PC, and we know how Cliff feels about a PC version already.

Update: Microsoft got back to us with the expected response. "Gears of War" is a great franchise first and foremost for Xbox 360, and therefore we're focusing on that platform for "Gears of War 2." We have decided to not create a PC version of "Gears of War 2."


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So when is Cliffy gonna drop the 360? Those are getting pirated almost just as fast. Hell, they pirate them before the games actual release now.

That means Gears of War "PS"3.