Gears Of War 2 Map Pack Announced, Launches SOON (Update)

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No marketing, no fuss. Just the way we like it, as Epic have decided the Spike VGAs were as good a time as any to announce the arrival of a new Gears of War 2 map pack


While the announcement itself was leaked earlier tonight, it was bereft of details. Here, then, are some details.


Called "Combustible", it offers three maps. The first one's called "Flood", and has immulsion that rises slowly through the match. The second's called "Gold Rush", which features multiple paths, while the third one's called "Fuel Station", and has a lot of shit that explodes.

The surprise part comes in the release date, as it's scheduled to go live at midnight Pacific time. No word on price, but if you're up late enough to read this, you'll be up late enough to check once it turns up.

UPDATE - Aaaaannnddd we have pricing. 800 Microsoft Points. Oh dear.

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can someone point to at least another place than xbox360fanboy for confirmation of 800pts ?