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Gears of War 2 Leaked Boss Battle

All you Gears-heads, I guess this is a spoiler alert, if you don't want to see or know what you're facing when Gears of War 2 drops Nov. 7. If you're slightly curious, this clip is 90 seconds long and is unlike anything faced in the original game. Details on the jump.What begins with giant tentacles soaring out of the water (and flinging blood when they're cut up) swiftly turns into a bad-guy reveal that, wow, would make me cringe if I saw it in high-def for the first time. "Shit!!!!" Marcus says (I think), and he is right. The clip features some strategy on how to beat it. Of course at the end, whomever is playing just can't resist getting close, and he gets clobbered. Leaked Gears of War 2 Boss Battle [Thoughts of a Random Gamer]


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Water effects are dreadfully unimpressive, but it's nice to see the age-old boss fight making a comeback in games like GoW2 and R2...most modern shooters consider "throw more, heavily armed enemies at them!" a boss fight and leave it at that.

This, and the Leviathan, are more like it.