Gears Of War 2 Invades Torrent Sites

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Yes, yes - Gears of War 2 has begun showing up on popular torrent sites across the internets, with a gigantic 6.76 GB file in convenient RAR format currently being seeded by hundreds of inconsiderate asshats around the world. I won't go into details because quite frankly I've gotten to the point where I don't even consider leaks news anymore. It's going to happen, be it a week away from release or a month away. The only difference between now and any other time of the year is that more high-profile games come out during the holiday season, which I suppose means this is a busy time for everyone in the industry, pirates included. I think the most important thing to note in this post is that my spellchecker (yes, I use one) still fails to recognize asshat as a proper word. I know I can add it in myself, but that isn't the point. Until the word is officially recognized these leak posts will continue to make me a spellchecker rebel, living on the edge, clicking 'skip all' like some kind of madman.


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why is this news??

people who pirate are gonna do it regardless. These types of posts just generate more interest in it for people who would consider it..

I wish I could play gears 2 a month earley but I am not a pirate