Gears Of War 2 Features "Backwards Compatible" Linked Achievements

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Cliff Bleszinski presented Gears of War 2 to Comic-Con attendees today, walking fans through the Sinkhole level shown last week at E3. While that gameplay session may be old news to Gears fans, Dude Huge had two new announcements for the crowd. The first was that Steve Jablonsky, composer on films like Transformers and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, was working on the score for Gears of War 2. Jablonsky was said to have been at Skywalker Studios working on the final mix of the soundtrack. Even more interesting was the announcement that Gears of War 2 would feature "linked Achievements." In short, goals reached in the original Gears of War will carry over to the sequel, giving the player bonuses. Cliff listed three examples of how linked Achievements will work. Keep in mind, some may be light spoilers.- Complete Act One in Gears Of War, unlock a playable Anthony Carmine in Gears of War 2 - Find 10 COG tags in Gears Of War, unlock Minh Young Kim in Gears of War 2 - Kill Raam in Gears Of War, unlock a playable Raam in Gears of War 2 Bleszinski didn't expand much beyond those three linked Achievements, nor did he mention if those unlockables would be limited to either single-player or multiplayer portions of Gears 2. We're currently sitting in on the Xbox 360 creators panel hanging on Bleszinski's every word.


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I wish more games did this. Even between unrelated games by the same developer/publisher would be great.

Unlock certain in Beautiful Katamari and you can use a Katamari in Tales of Vespria. Or unlock "A Great Wind is Blowing" in Civilization Revolution and get a bonus against the Russian mob in GTA IV.