Gears Novelist Is Lead Writer On Gears Of War 3

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After penning two novels based in the world of Epic Games' hit series, science fiction author Karen Traviss plunges headlong into the story as the lead writer for Gears of War 3.


Star Wars fans may recognize Karen Traviss as the writer who made clone troopers cool and compelling in her Republic Commando series of novels, giving characters that served as cannon fodder in the films personality, history, and culture. I'm more of a Star Trek fan myself, but Traviss' novels are some of the best science fiction I've read.

So when Epic Games tapped Traviss to write Gears preview novel Gears of War: Aspho Fields, I was delighted, as I was when they brought her back for the Gears 2 sequel, Jacinto's Remnant.

Now I'm ecstatic, as Traviss is not only writing two more Gears novels, this time under Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books, but she's also the lead writer for Gears of War 3 the game. The news actually dropped on Tuesday, but got a bit lost in the shuffle during all of the Gears 3 hype.

"We've always carefully integrated the books and the games, but now that Karen's writing the game as well, the storyline is even more tightly woven," said Rod Fergusson, Executive Producer, Epic Games. "All the characters have a rich and troubled history, and the events between the second and third games plunge them into an even more desperate struggle to survive. The fourth book is essential reading for all Gearheads before they dive into the final game of the trilogy."

Traviss' contribution to the new game might not have much of an impact on your average Gears fan - they'll buy the new game regardless. For someone like me, on the other hand, who really doesn't care much for the games but loves Traviss' writing, this news means that I'll be in line for Gears of War 3 on day one, just to see how the story unfolds.

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Huh... this should be... interesting.

Karen Traviss is an interesting writer. She writes compelling, interesting characters and takes the universes she works in places few would imagine. And she isn't too shabby in her own worlds either.

She does have a tendency to write weak female characters however (ironically enough) and her work, particularly in the Star Wars universe, has a tendency to fall into author filibuster from time to time (mostly about how noble soldiers are).

And, of course, she has no sense of scale. But that should be more acceptable in Gears than it would be in Star Wars.

Overall, I like her work. This is good news, I think.