Well, get a load of this. Remember the E for All Expo? Yeah it's this weekend in Los Angeles and finished as of today (so are the Cubs, unfortunately). But the Gears of War 2 booth there handed out a dogtagged COG stamped with a supa-secret code that you enter at this site (screenshot above). That delivers you to to a flash site where you can explore the GoW2 environment, pick up some concept art, wallpapers, a lot of stuff to discover and look at.Here's some useful tips for getting all this to work: • Go to gearsofwar.xbox.com/lastday/ • After the age gate and the flash site loads, click the cog icon at the bottom of the log in screen to activate the code entry. • The code is: 617461-ZMTDP-EL • After that's entered, you can explore by clicking on the blue bars that radiate up on each side. • Look for things to click on in the screen after that. And here's a picture of the COG that spread us this virtual viral swag:

By the way, we've gotten tips to a ton of leaked multiplayer footage, I'm compiling all that and posting it soon. Every Tag Tells a Tale [Breaking the Game]