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Gears of War 2 mastermind Dude Huge has confirmed that A). Gears of War 2 is 85 - 90 percent done B). "batshit insane" and C). has more colors. According to Dude Huge:

We kind of actively aimed for the de-saturated look, but its since become de riguer for this generation of games. I think that's why something like Mirror's Edge has become kind of like an oasis in the desert of E3 — 'Look! There's a red crate! I love you!' ...We actually have a little more color in Gears 2 — reds, oranges. Hopefully you've noticed. What I can tell you is that if there was a Gear 3 it'll be a total disco town: purples, pinks and greens everywhere!


"If" there was a Gears 3, oh please. Gears 2 "85/90%" complete [CVG]


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