Gearbox Seeks Guinea Pigs In Texas

There's no better feeling that getting your hands on an early build of a game few people have played, and Gearbox Software is looking to give a few lucky individuals in the Plano, Texas area just that chance.

Gearbox Software, developer of the award-winning Brothers in Arms series, is looking for many focus testers to give us their feedback on an exciting upcoming Gearbox title. Gearbox has currently announced Borderlands, a co-op sci-fi shooter, and Aliens: Colonial Marines, based on the influential Aliens movies. We’re looking for people able to visit our offices in Plano, Texas for a few hours to help us hone our games’ appeal.


I am assuming that by mentioning those two specific titles, that those are the games you'll be honing, though a visit to a game studio is a visit to a game studio, so if you're over 18 and able to make it to Plano, Texas between the hours of 10am to 6pm, head on over to to learn more. If you aren't in either case, move along - nothing to see here.

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