Gearbox Named As Developer For Scrapped 'Duke Begins'

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The "well-known developer" behind the recently unearthed Duke Nukem series spin-off Duke Begins has been named in court documents. Borderlands and Brothers In Arms developer Gearbox Software was reportedly tasked with developing the title for Take-Two.

The Dallas, Texas-based developer was named in a counterclaim from publisher Take-Two Interactive, as discovered by Shacknews. Gearbox's development of Duke Begins was tied to $2.5 million cash advance from Take-Two intended to fund development of 3D Realms' Duke Nukem Forever, said to still be ongoing in some capacity.


Originally, Duke Begins was slated for a mid-2010 release, as part of the agreement, with development starting sometime in 2007.

We wonder if that Duke Nukem title was the "huge" release that Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford hyped last year.

'Duke Begins' Developer Outed in DNF Docs [Shacknews]

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You know, I really don't want to say that this game won't have zombies in it, since zombies are becoming a bit overused lately, but darn if it's not tempting to call Duke Nukem a zombie with as many times as he's remained in a state of Shrodenger's Video Game.

Is he alive or dead? Who knows? We'll just have to open the (Gear)box and see if Duke's alive or dead.

Gawd I feel like a geek now.