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Gearbox Is Working On More Patches To Fix Aliens: Colonial Marines, But No Apologies Yet

Illustration for article titled Gearbox Is Working On More Patches To Fix emAliens: Colonial Marines/em, But No Apologies Yet

Gearbox recognizes that there are some...flaws with Aliens: Colonial Marines. That's why they're continuing to work on patching the game.


At their PAX East panel today, the developers announced a few more fixes that players will see in future patches.


Chris Faylor community manager at Gearbox mentioned the most notable changes:

  • More aggressive AI
  • Tweaked difficulty
  • Better data protection
  • More combat feedback (Smart Gun Tracking, Xeno Death Animation)
  • Improved PC Visuals
  • Support for Hot Fixes coming online

But... that's it. No apology has been mentioned officially yet. Just a commitment to future patches. But whether or not those will significantly change such a mangled game isn't clear. So far the bullet-pointed changes are too vague to make sense of.

They noted at the panel today that some people aren't happy with the outcome of the game. But they maintain that they are still in love with the universe. We'll see if that translates.

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Why would they need to apologize? Why should devs apologize for people stupidly getting their hopes way to high in the first place?

One big issue is companies need to get PR under control, and stop letting their advertisers go all out like they do. Its really ruining things.

That aside though, the devs can only put in what the publishers want, the publishers should be the ones apologizing usually.

However in this case, theres not much here that shouldn't be or wasn't exected.

I could see if things were literally not as advertised in a lot of ways, or the product was flat out non-working (ala the simcity debacle lately)

But as things go Aliens:CM pretty much is what was to be expected of a gearbox game (bad/clunky AI) and one thats been handed around a lot (Low grade GFX) as well as from any other Aliens based game (cheap macho marine or lax sci fi story)

TBH i was waiting for it, but i really didn't expect much knowing a few basics about past games from gearbox and the series in general...