GE Brings Good Things to Life in Minecraft with Recreation of Edison Memorial Tower

Say what you want about their loophole-happy tax practices, but General Electric's a company that understands invention. And the making of things. So, it's kind of a natural fit that the company's GE Show would do an episode featuring the world's most successful alpha release. You'll see Minecraft used to recreate the Edison Memorial Tower, built IRL to commemorate the life of legendary inventor Thomas Edison.

Hopefully, corporate encroachment in Minecraft won't turn Mojang's hit sandbox into a latter-day Second Life, where it's viewed a venue for their messaging. On the other hand, the GE Show's mission statement says it's "here to help us understand the technologies that are changing our lives," so maybe the show's producers think that Notch and crew could be viewed as important as the Wizard of Menlo Park. Or maybe they're readying deployment of an expansive electrical/power grid in Minecraft?


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