GC Presser Round Up: Sony

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We had lots of news from Sony today since they held their press conference at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, from a new 160GB Playstation 3 to a touch-sensitive keypad and a new Playstation Portable. Here's what you might have missed.
New Official Details, North American Date For PSP 3000 PlayStation 3 Controller Getting Wireless Keypad PS3 Firmware Update Lets SingStar Owners Rip PS2-Only Tracks EyePet Brings Virtual Monchichis To PlayStation 3 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 160GB PS3 Priced, Dated for North America PS3 Wireless Keypad Ships This Holiday Season Free Realms MMO Coming to PlayStation 3 EyePet Brings Virtual Monchichis To PlayStation 3 SCEE Announces VidZone Service for PS3 PlayStation 3 160GB Model Coming To Europe Sony Announces New PSP Model 'SingStar: Singalong With Disney' Announced For PS2, Exclusive to PAL Territories Buzz!: Brain Bender announced for PSP

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@DigitalHero: Maybe. But I do know that some SFIV goodness will be revealed at TGS. Check with Yoshinori Ono's interview with 1UP.


Though it looks like it isn't much of a secret... =D

@walls99: Well considering the PSP is still selling like ramen in Japan I'd say don't count on it yet. A lot of developers are starting anew to develop for the PSP again in light of its recent success.