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Gay Pride Week in World of Warcraft

Gay Pride Week is one of the biggest deals in the San Francisco Bay Area — apparently, it's also a big deal to one World of Warcraft server.


GayGamer reports that the Proudmoore Server hosted a fifth annual Pride celebration and parade put on by guilds The Spreading Taint and The Stonewall Family. According to Stonewall's homepage, this Proudmoore Pride bash was their biggest one yet. Festivities included a Nude Duel Championship, avatar modeling, DJ competition and a user-created parade float competition.

Speaking of parades, I'm going to have my camera with me this Sunday for San Francisco's annual Gay Pride Parade. Last year I swear I saw Ken and Ryu cosplayers on one of the floats — but as they say, pics or it didn't happen.


Video: 5th Annual Proudmoore Pride March 2009 [GayGamer]

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Before someone asks about Straight Pride Week:

You've already got some. Fifty-two of them, actually.