Garry's Mod Makes Garry Rich

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Were it not for Garry's mod, Half-Life 2 would be a serious place. Lucky, then, it's not, and for years now Garry's mod has been allowing entry-level machinima to bring a smile to our faces.


Turns out it's not just good for laughs. It's also good for cash money. Since releasing the commercial edition of his editing suite, creator Garry Newman has seen 312,541 (and counting) copies fly off Steam's shelf. At $9.99 a pop, that's $3.12 million worth of Garry's mod. Course, he doesn't pocket all of that, but we're sure he pockets enough to look at himself in the mirror every day and smile smugly.

GMod10 is 2 years old today! [Garry's Blog, via Big Download]

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Personally, I think I've gotten more playtime out of Garry's Mod than...well...every other Steam game. It's just that awesome. I've even gotten all of my friends addicted to the Zombie Survival gamemode in Gmod.