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It's time to drag Mama kicking and screaming out of the kitchen and into the back yard as Majesco Entertainment announces Gardening Mama for North America.


Taking the same simple, charming, and addictive stylus that made Cooking Mama an international hit, Gardening Mama takes the fun outside, where players will be able to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Sound exciting? But wait, there's more! Gardening Mama also features creative uses for the things you grow, such as carving jack-o-lanterns or making jam. Players will be able to compete for the biggest harvest, share items they've grown online, and dig holes to bury the ones who have failed Mama in the past.


Majesco plans on bringing Gardening Mama to North America DSes this Spring, just in time for whatever it is gardening folks do in the spring. Tilling or something. I don't know.


New Handheld Game Stars Mama from the Multi-Million Selling Cooking Mama Franchise

EDISON, N.J., December 2, 2008-Rising out of the rich soil sprouts Gardening Mama, a new Nintendo DS™ gardening simulation that was announced today by Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market. Developed by Cooking Mama Limited, the team that created the award-winning Cooking Mama franchise that has sold 2.5 million units domestically, Gardening Mama brings back the beloved matron to cultivate a cornucopia of fruits, flowers and vegetables in her backyard.

"Mama has become a certifiable icon since her original introduction in Cooking Mama DS," said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco. "Her first brand offshoot captures those features that made the Cooking Mama series a best seller-an innovative concept, full Touch Screen control, approachable gameplay for everyone and, of course, a charismatic mentor who pushes you in her own endearing way to give a gold medal performance every time."


Gardening Mama transforms the DS stylus into a universal gardening tool that players will use to plant, nurture and harvest flowers, fruits and vegetables. Gamers can manage their garden through the seeding, blooming and maturation phases, and then produce items from the plants they've grown (i.e. grow strawberries to make jam or raise pumpkins and then carve a jack-'o-lantern). A robust multiplayer mode lets up to four friends compete to grow the biggest harvest and Treasure Box mode lets players share items they've grown with online friends. Gamers can also decorate various gardens while creating goods like pergolas and hanging baskets. In addition, players can change Mama's outfit to their liking while customizing the screen design to their preference.

Just as millions of players enjoyed slicing and dicing with Mama in the kitchen, they can now move to the great outdoors-planting, pruning, picking, and creating-in Gardening Mama!


Gardening Mama for DS is expected to release in Spring 2009. For additional information about Majesco's exciting line of products, please visit

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