Plants Vs. Zombies has always been about innocent flora defending against ravenous undead. In Garden Warfare 2 the tables have finally turned—and we can finally play solo.

One of my main issues with the original game, which to this day is lovingly affixed to my ceiling, was that players on the plant side were always on the defense. Defending gardens, defending other plants, defending Crazy Dave’s stuff—it wasn’t fair.


In Garden Warfare 2, four new plant classes take on four new zombie classes in modes fans have been requesting since the first game launched. Instead of Garden Defense, we get Graveyard Defense. Yes.

Popcap has also listened to fans’ clamoring for a single player experience. In the new game, all game modes will have an offline AI mode for single play or two-player split screen. Finally I can get my wife to play.

Fans of the older game will enjoy having nearly all of their unlocked characters transferred to the new game, and the devs have pledged to continue the lovely free content updates.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will launch in spring 2016.

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