Garbage Man Finds Working PS4 In The Trash


TrashM4N is a garbage collector who goes about his business, collecting trash. While streaming on Twitch. Most of the time his channel is fairly ordinary, but on his latest run he opened a bin and found a perfectly fine Slim PS4, along with some cables and a controller.

You’d think being thrown into the trash might have damaged the console, but lo and behold, it worked just fine:


“There was an account signed in ... I don’t know if he’s still using it, but I was the Good Guy Trashman, and I shut off his auto renewal because it just renewed a month ago,” the fortunate streamer declared to the stream.

You can see more footage of the trash to treasure PS4 working below:

Not a bad present to take home to the kids.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

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Luke Plunkett

Oh you’re all so cynical. If this was some random streamer then whatever, but this guy literally picks up trash all day, of course he’s going to find some cool and interesting shit from time to time.

My bet: some poor kid had a problem with his TV or HDMI cable and blamed it on his PS4 instead.