Garbage Man Finds Working PS4 In The Trash


TrashM4N is a garbage collector who goes about his business, collecting trash. While streaming on Twitch. Most of the time his channel is fairly ordinary, but on his latest run he opened a bin and found a perfectly fine Slim PS4, along with some cables and a controller.


You’d think being thrown into the trash might have damaged the console, but lo and behold, it worked just fine:

“There was an account signed in ... I don’t know if he’s still using it, but I was the Good Guy Trashman, and I shut off his auto renewal because it just renewed a month ago,” the fortunate streamer declared to the stream.

You can see more footage of the trash to treasure PS4 working below:


Not a bad present to take home to the kids.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

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