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Ganging Up On A League Of Legends Pro Is Never A Good Idea

Illustration for article titled Ganging Up On A iLeague Of Legends/i Pro Is Never A Good Idea

Oh man. I bet these two League of Legends players thought they were being so clever, teaming up at the very beginning of the match to jump into top lane and surprise their opponent who was all alone up there.


The would-be ambushers should have checked the in-game handle of their target more carefully, because the man they were trying to execute an aggressive gank on was Piglet, a star player for the North American pro League team Team Liquid. As this clip (via Reddit) from one of Piglet’s recent streams shows, he wasn’t about to forgive them for their mistake:

Just look at his face at the end! Priceless.

Lead image courtesy of Lolesports.

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I feel like Kotaku is slowly becoming LoL Reddit with all these articles taken from the most upvoted threads. >.>