Whatever Call of Duty Advanced Warfare does now, it will always be remembered for its 'Press X to Pay Respects' funeral moment. Possibly one of the most bizarre and needless player interactions of all time.

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Or is it? Let's have a look see at some of the highs and lows of X-based gameplay.

Press X to...

...be a bad person. ( Bioshock.)


...admire the table. ( Deadly Premonition, via @Lo_Fi_.)

...to prove you don't need a bigger boat. (Batman: Arkham City, via David.)


...make the metal parrot happy. ( Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron.)

...pay Fufu's way through college. ( GTA 5.)


...test Wolverine's patience. ( Deadpool.)

...be a dog. ( Call Of Duty: Ghosts.)


...pet a dog. ( Assassin's Creed 3.)

...throw a dog. ( Splinter Cell: Blacklist.)


...ask the really big questions. ( Murdered: Soul Suspect.)

...question everything you've done that led to this. ( Homefront.)


...go full Carrie. ( Beyond: Two Souls.)

...say your first words. ( Fallout 3.)


...sneak in a little lovin'. ( Shadow Of Mordor.)

And finally, press X to...


...Jason. ( Heavy Rain.)


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