Gaming Masks Help Fight Covid And Exist In Japan

Gaming products love LED. If a company wants to make a gaming PC, a gaming keyboard, or a gaming mouse, light-emitting diodes are a constant. So these “gaming masks” should be no surprise.


According to Famitsu, these Illumi-on branded gaming mask covers are outfitted with LED lights charged by USB. They come in black and white material and can cycle through a handful of colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, purple, and white.

While not medical grade, and officially called a “mouth cover”, it does come with a disposable PM 2.5 filter. But, as Siliconera points out, the mask cannot be washed and should probably be used to cover a proper mask underneath.

Priced at 2,970 yen ($29), the Illumi-on Twinkling Mouth Cover will be released in Japan this month.

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V till I D.I.E

Question: when did the rainbow LED gaming trend start and why? It just seems like a stupid trend that I don’t understand.