Gaming is One Reason This Amazing Driving Technology is a Bad Idea

According to UK windscreen replacement company Autoglass, this video represents a future where augmented reality windshield displays can usher in a new era of driver safety. At least until gamers get a hold of them.


In theory, this is an excellent idea. Pedestrian and cyclist warnings, arrows pointing to important landmarks, messages warning us of speed traps; this is an ambitious vision of the future of driving that would likely never work. Why? Here's one of the video's YouTube comments:

Cool, although the cyclist warning should be a target so you can take them out.

Why not? No one would in their right mind would actually take out cyclists with their cars. It would just be a quick modification for shits and grins.

And while we're at it, let's create an augmented reality game where we earn points for passing certain real world objects. Oh, and let me play Tetris during red lights. Let's mount a button on the steering wheel so we can shoot imaginary aliens with our headlights! Oh screw it, just take out the cyclists, there's an achievement for them now.

Perhaps we should stick to dashboards? They've worked pretty well so far.

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Can a British person (or someone knowledgeable) tell me what the hell those zigzag lines on the street mean?