Gaming Into Adulthood

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Finally getting to grad school was — in some ways — a rude awakening for me; I still haven't mastered the art of balancing the demands of my work with, uh, everything else, which had never been a problem to this point. My gaming life has been sporadic at best since January, and I spend more time writing about games than actually playing them. But despite my ineptitude, I felt a little hopeful after reading a nice piece over at GameSetWatch that explores the art of growing up and balancing a beloved hobby (gaming) with the demands of adulthood, like parenthood:

In retrospect, it was silly of me to be so worried that being an "adult" meant I wouldn't be able to play videogames. I believe that part of my maturation into what I consider to be real adulthood came in the form of learning to juggle all the new "adult" responsibilities I've taken on with the hobbies I've always held dear, most notably gaming.

Thinking back to when I was growing up, my parents kept up with their hobbies just the same as I do now .... I can vividly remember both of them pursuing their favorite pastimes on a daily basis while still keeping up with their parental and familial duties.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Balance is a hard skill to master, and I'm looking forward to having more time to game in future years when I've nailed down the best way to fit in everything I love to do. It's occasionally painful to come to grips with having to reconfigure well-loved hobbies in sometimes dramatic ways (I've given up much loved hobbies entirely until I get out of grad school, mostly because the time-money conundrum cannot be worked out), but it is nice to 'have it all' when you can make it work.

'All Grown Up: A Gamer Comes to Grips With Adulthood' [GameSetWatch]


Mikey G:Back with a vengeance...not really.

Y'know reading this was that cold hard dose of reality, that we as gamers, and more importantly people must face. As we all get older the world changes around us, demanding we adapt or be left behind. Some of us are already steeled for that coming storm. Others are forced, holding onto memories and dreams that they had promised themselves they would never give up on. The headline is right. Growing up is very hard to do. I remember my childhood like it was yesterday. Waking up with Sesame Street, then moving on to a good ole' marathon of all things Sega Genesis. Having unlimited adventures with Streets of Rage, Wonderboy, Kid Chameleon...and of course everyones favorite blue hedgehog. Nintendo and Sega were always there for me. When I turn 20 this September, it's going to be a major shock for me. I still can't believe that almost twenty years of my life have flown past me. It feels like I've lived a lifetime, and yet I'm still a child. One day I would like to start a family of my own, and I plan on teaching my kids the way of the D-Pad. I salute everyone who is a mother, or a father, and can still game with the best of them.

For those of us who still don't feel like adults; fret not. I don't. I've always thought of "adulthood" as a physical state, not a mental one. I'm always told that at heart, I'm just a "big kid." I have no problem with that, it makes me happy. This way when I do have my family, I can be as much as a kid as my own children are. Responsibility will always be there, but it should never control you. Everyone who's taking tests - I know it's that time of year - I wish you the best of luck. Know that gaming will be there ready and rarin when you're to strap down and do what you do best. I know it's EXTREMELY cliche but I'll always be a "Gamer for Life." I was born with the pad in my hand, and I shall expire with it in my hand.