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Gaming Heads is the one responsible for this Mordin statue, which is good, ‘cause someone else might have gotten it wrong. Sorry. In any case, the statue stands 20.5 inches tall, will be out next year, and comes in two flavors: exclusive (with console) and regular (without console). Check below for a couple more pics.


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*Spoilers for ME2 and 3*

During Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission, I lost Mordin. I had him escort Normandy survivors back to the ship, hoping it would keep him safe. Didn’t realize he was too weak for the task til I saw his dead body during a cutscene. I’d actually lost Grunt and most of the Normandy crew during the mission, but it was Mordin that forced me to restart the mission despite committing to stick to my decisions beforehand.

No regrets. It was sad to lose Mordin again in Mass Effect 3, but he only solidified himself as my favorite teammate. I found out after my run that it was possible to coerce him to stay alive, but I decided not to. I think if he knew the different outcomes, he still would have chosen to redeem his past actions.