Gaming Cupcakes So Simple a Little Kid on YouTube Could Make Them

We've gotten out of the habit of posting gaming-inspired baked goods at Kotaku over the past few years, but here at KotakuMobile the subject is fresh and new. Besides, YouTube youngin' AbesWorld2 isn't just showing us Cut the Rope cupcakes, he's showing us how to make them.

I am going to save this video and bring it up when my two boys are Abe's age, because why did I have children if not to get them to make me baked goods? I've got no legacy to pass on—now give me cake, dammit.

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Kid you can't be cooking. You're a man and it's not a man's job to do the cooking around the house.

We all know whose job it is right?


Why obviously the job of the personal chef you hired.