Gaming Company Changes Logo To "Tramp Stamp", Fans Horrified

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Corsair, long famous for making stuff like RAM and cases for gaming PCs, also make some pretty nice peripherals as well. Given the fact they build good stuff, have a cool name and a cool logo (basically a pirate ship), it's weird they felt the need to make some changes.

The company, seeking to differentiate its more dedicated gaming stuff (like mechanical keyboards) from its more general offerings, has launched a sub-brand called Corsair Gaming. And its logo is this...thing. Which few people are feeling.

So bad has the disappointment gotten amongst "fans" (I'm always wary of using that word in relation to companies) that there's a petition urging Corsair to change it, saying "The new 'Corsair Gaming' logo does not reflect the attitude of a premium and professional Corsair".


The associations with "tramp stamps" have been swift and plentiful, which is probably the last kind of tone Corsair were hoping for when seeking to brand a line of premium PC peripherals.

Even my girlfriend said it looked like a butterfly with a heart in the middle. She also threw the word 'cute' in there to add insult to injury. Like a bad tramp stamp, we then talked about ways to cover it up.

Other common complaints are that it looks "cheap":

One of the reasons I by corsair products is that they have a very sleek design while still keeping some of the cool looking 'gaming' designs. The new logo is not sleek. It looks more like something you would find on a very cheap led lit case instead of a corsair keyboard.

I just don't think Corsair really knows who their demographic really is. Or perhaps they do and want to appeal another: the reachable amount of 14 year olds wearing TapOut shirts that have $200 to throw down on a mechanical keyboard.


There are always folks who react negatively to a logo change, but what's interesting here is that nearly every complaint I've seen comes with an actual explanation beyond simply "I don't enjoy this, aesthetically". People are saying, perhaps rightly, that it cheapens the brand, and affects their perception of what that brand stood for.

Also: the more I look at it, the more I see those two big statues from The Neverending Story.

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ewww. it does look like a tramp stamp.

Asus still has the best one...