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GameStop's Latest 'Exclusive' Is A Game That Isn't Exclusive

Illustration for article titled GameStops Latest Exclusive Is A Game That Isnt Exclusive

Another handy Power Up Rewards e-mail from GameStop arrived in my inbox today. A game that you can download to your 3DS without going into a store is "exclusively at GameStop." GameStop isn't even selling it for an exclusive price. Does anyone in gaming use the word exclusive correctly?


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whats the deal with Kotaku trying to pass off "extended tweets" as full articles? This is a single paragraph with a header image, for crying out loud. I wouldnt be so critical about this if it werent for the fact that in the past few weeks ive seen several articles written like this from several writers. Kotaku really wouldn't get the flack it gets if it wasnt for the fact that shit like this happens.