GameStop's iPhone Advergame Can't Be Preordered, Returned For Store Credit

In terms of gameplay, Buck And The Coin Of Destiny isn't half bad. It's a one-touch, Canabalt-style random platformer. It is, however, a Big Free Ad for GameStop. And like its namesake, it costs a buck.

Buck the Bunny is the retailer's mascot - maybe you've seen him sigh his way through generic platform levels in ads. The game, by Smashing Content, is seeded with ironic cutscenes that snark on video game tropes in between its themed levels. In the game, he speeds along automatically - all you control is his jump - and the levels randomize the traps and hazards they serve up. The game is GameCenter compatible.


A news release says GameStop plans to support it with additional content. If the idea of a GameStop game is inherently evil to you, well, they're donating money to puppies and kitties from now until the end of the month. A portion of sales, up to $5,000, will go to animal rescue and rehab efforts.

Buck and the Coin of Destiny [GameStop]

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