Taking advantage of GameStop's current trade-in promotion, my extra copy of Mass Effect 2 netted me $56 in store credit, $1 more than the retailer sells the game used. I'd say it's a good week to trade-in your games.

No matter how you feel about the used game market, it's hard to ignore the chance to trade-in used games you no longer need when GameStop is offering 50% more trade-in credit than usual. The deal gets even sweeter for gamers with the GameStop Edge card, which adds another 10%, for a total of 60%.


Of course we need to address why I traded in Mass Effect 2 in the first place. See, I had a copy for the Xbox 360, but prefer to play it on the PC, as I have the sort of computer that makes the game really sing. So I purchased a PC copy, and got rid of the 360 version.

Right now GameStop offers $35 trade-in credit for Mass Effect 2. An extra 50% makes it $52.50, and my edge card tacked on another $3.50, for a grand total of $56. That plus my $5 preorder completely covered Heavy Rain.

So if you're looking to offload some titles, now would be the time. I'm just sayin'.

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