GameStop Teeming With Overlord Minion Figures

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GameStop is being overrun by multi-colored Overlord minions, so the retailer is giving them away to folks who pre-order any of the three Overlord titles due out next month.


Fans that put $5 down on Overlord II for the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and PC, Overlord Minions for the Nintendo DS or Overlord: Dark Legend for the Nintendo Wii from GameStop will find themselves the proud owner of a tiny minion figurine. There are four different colors available, and only (only?) three titles to pre-order, so unless you double up on a title or known a GameStop manager, your chances of getting all four are relatively slim.

Not a bad-looking bunch of little evil bastards. I suppose there are worse things you can get for free. Look for them to show up at a GameStop near you when the games release on June 23rd.

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Forget 3 or 4, shouldn't you be getting about 50 of the things for the proper effect?