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GameStop Shuts Down Stores In California

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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GameStop is shutting down its stores in California, Kotaku has learned. This news comes one day after the struggling retailer told all of its U.S. employees to ignore state lockdown measures in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, insisting that it was an “essential retail” business.

“We are closing our stores in California,” the company said in a note to stores. “The closure will remain in effect until further notice as we obtain more information from the California Governor’s Office.” California is one of a few states in the country to have enacted a full lockdown policy and told non-essential businesses to close.


Two California GameStop employees told Kotaku that they’ve been told to use personal time or file for unemployment, as they will not be paid while stores are shut down.

A representative for GameStop corporate did not return requests for comment about how the company plans to proceed or whether it will also be closing stores in New York or Pennsylvania, which are also locking down businesses.


The video game retailer has come under fire in recent days for its handling of the pandemic, as it has been slow to enforce recommended social distancing practices and unable to provide proper cleaning supplies to employees.