GameStop Selling Assassin's Creed Blade, Police Permits Not Included

Look, they can call this a "Role–Play Gauntlet Replica" all they want. They can put warnings on the site saying "May not be suitable for younger audiences. Parental supervision is recommended." But still. I'm a little surprised this replica Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade is an actual thing!

While we've seen them replicated by hobbyists and cosplayers, this is a mass-market version, selling for $40 from GameStop, the world's largest specialist games retailer. A video on the site shows the thing in action and, yup, you hit a button and SHLICK, out comes a plastic blade at an impressive speed.


Not sure how they sold officials on the safety of such a device, but if you want one for yourself, get one below before someone changes their mind.

Ezio Auditore - Role–Play Gauntlet Replica - GameStop Exclusive [NECA

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