GameStop Says We'll All LittleBigPlanet Tomorrow

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LittleBigPlanet may have suffered a brief delay due to some ill-considered soundtrack choices, but it looks like the rest of us — that's you, North America — will be getting our hands on the game as early as tomorrow. Many of our dear readers and a few of us at Kotaku Tower have been notified by the staff at GameStop that shipments of the PlayStation 3 game are in. They can be picked up tomorrow, if you're lucky enough. We'd recommend bothering your local GameStop or the retailer of your choice to see if they have LittleBigPlanet in-hand before making the drive. Thanks to the dozens(!) of tipsters who let us know! Enjoy yourselves.


I didn't get a call but I called my Gamestop soon as I saw this post, they said they would get it in tmr!!!!