GameStop Robber Shot Dead By Police

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Police in Orlando have shot and killed a man who was attempting to evade arrest after holding up a GameStop store.


The unnamed suspect robbed the store on South Kirkman Road with a gun earlier today, before attempting to escape in his car. Police gave chase and eventually caught up with the man, who after resisting arrest was shot six times. He died shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

There's debate over the manner in which the man was killed. A police statement released in relation to the death says "Our job is to stop violent criminals. If you've got a gun and put us in the situation of serious injury or death, that's why we carry the things we do, to protect ourselves and any citizens for the next robbery they may commit".

Which is all well and good, but witnesses say the man was shot six times in the back, and was fired upon while running away from police.

What is it with GameStop stores this month?

OPD Officer Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect [WKMG Orlando]

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This is ridiculous. Shot six times for robbery? What are US cops, Judge Dredds? Guy probably stole something between 1000 - 1500 dollars and who knows, he could have had a toy gun. What about if they followed the wrong guy?

They should have shot him in the arm or leg, that's how cops have dealt with armed bad guys before.

Would have never happened in Europe. :/ - Not for a Gamestop robbery. Maybe random bandits in US are more capable to violence, who knows? Enlighten me please, because I don't understand how someone should pay ultimate price for something like this.