GameStop: PSPgo Owners Will Trade In UMDs

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Sony may not be ready to discuss a solution for PSPgo purchasers looking to figure out what to do with their UMD games on the upcoming no-UMD system, but GameStop has an idea...

On an earnings call today to discuss GameStop's results for its second financial quarter of 2009, the company reported that reservations for the October 1 PSPgo are picking up.


Instead of expressing apprehension about a system that can only run games that are downloaded — i.e. not the games primarily sold on GameStop's shelves — the company's executive vice president of merchandising and marketing, Tony Bartel, expressed enthusiasm. "We're very excited to be selling the PSPgo," he said. "We have a very clear roadmap as to how we can drive profitability on the sale of games." Bartel noted that GameStop would do well selling points cards to help downloads.

And, Bartel said, there would be this perk: "It will also be a strong contributor to our trade-in process where you have people that will have UMD games that will no longer work on that platform that will fuel additional currency for GameStop."

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Some of you people are clueless.

"I know what Sony should do! Let me send my REAL PHYSICAL MEDIA in for a digital copy of it!"

Wow. Genius!..... Makes total sense, people.