Sony: PSP Minis Not An iPhone App Store, No PSPgo UMD Transfer Update

Sony is gunning for games — not "apps" — on its new Mini download PSP store, the company told Kotaku about the October-launching service. What it couldn't tell Kotaku is the answer to the biggest burning October PSP question.

John Koller, head of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment of America told me yesterday that the PSP manufacturer is receiving "strong interest" from publishers about its new Minis program. The Minis will be sub-100MB games offered for download to the PSP starting October 1.


But, Koller said, "it's absolutely not an app store." Expect Minis to all be games games. "We're not going to have, 'Find Your Parked Car' and those kinds of things," he said.

The result will be a "constant stream of content," he hoped, something that ought to please PSP owners looking for novelty.

I can't conclude a conversation with a Sony exec about the PSPgo — the disc-drive-free October 1 version of the PSP — without asking the one question that keeps popping up in our comments sections: How is the PSPgo going to accommodate people who already own disc-based PSP games, which physically don't work with the go?


"No new update on that," he said. "We do realize that there is a very strong legacy and we have a strong historical relationship with those who have purchased PSP but we really have nothing to announce quite yet on that."

Here's hoping Tokyo Game Show in late September clears up what seems to be the most vexing issue about Sony's new PSP.

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